Super-Dark: Quarantine

It had only been three days since Krystal had been pulled back from the Dark Realm by the Wonder Teens, her skin-tight costume torn to shreds, but otherwise her normal, spunky self.

Sure, she couldn’t remember what happened between getting dragged into the Hell Portal and being summoned back to reality by her team. But she’d only been gone for a few hours, and temporary amnesia wasn’t anything new to the super hero game.

Krystal crossed her arms and paced her transparent, force field cell, cursing Eclipse Girl. It was her mumbled warning about Dark Demons setting traps for mortals that had convinced the team to quarantine their returning hero.

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A Cleared Head


Warning: contains race play and forced/non-con transformation. There’s also some seriously questionable parallels to domestic violence.

Harold exhausted and distracted. The notes on the clipboard in front of him blurred and swam. He rubbed his eyes and tried to refocus.

It had been a long week. His wife had formally begun the divorce process. He had received the court summons in the mail yesterday. Until now, he had held out for a glimmer of hope that she would have a change of heart, come to her senses and try to make it work again. Now, she was moving to deny him custody of their 17 year old. He still couldn’t believe how quickly she had soured to him.

Be blinked away the cobwebs and began reading again, mouthing the words. Increased libido in the male mice. Passiveness in the females. Mice with brown spots turning totally dark. What the hell had these guys been up to?

The test results were ridiculous. Whatever their initial intention had been, there was no way this could be a successful trial run. He supposed that’s why they had called him in in the first place. He was there to clean up their mess, to try and salvage some practical application from this disaster of an experiment.

Of course, his wife was the more qualified one. They had both been postdocs together when they first met. She had long since transitioned out of the lab, but Gina had been unbelievably good with this sort of thing. In his darker moments, Harold wondered if she was the reason he had been able to get as far ahead in his career as he had. Her emotional support aside, Gina had been the first person he would go to whenever he became mired down in the testing process.

He shook his head. He was dwelling on her again. The fact he still had to go through the same motions every day, the same motions that he had once looked forward to every morning when he was still young and in love. When he would daydream about getting closer to the beautiful Asian girl in his University lab.

Harold was so distracted, he failed to notice one of the mice had squirmed its way off of the Lucite tray in front of him. It wasn’t until the rodent hit the floor, letting out an audible “squeak!”. He snapped out of it, ducking down quickly to scoop up the mouse, banging his elbow against the table. The whole thing rattled, shifting the tubes and canisters around.

Still bent over, smarting from the pain, Harold was at perfect level when the aerosol canister discharged.

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