WONDER UNDONE (Manip by Maria)

Black Widow wasn’t the only heroine to fall to the power of Hundehersteller at the behest of a cooperative and ambitious nemesis. Wonder Woman’s strident condemnation of the Hundehersteller Empire and her efforts to resist the Natural Order made her as much a threat to domestic stability and happiness as she was the plans of Ares. The God of War was quick to offer a partnership with the good Doctor, and a bargain was struck.

It was only natural, then, that when her fall came, it was as humiliating, irreversible, and complete as possible. There would be no more meddling by Diana of Themyscira. There would only be another fat-titted hick slut burning with need to please the hard-working men of the holler…and bring a smile to the face of its victorious “Pappy.”